Arcam AB

Arcam AB


The assignment was to find a solution to package the inner works of the newly developed free form technique into a design which due to the small series is affordable to produce.


The end design of the first Arcam product - the EBM S12 - is a minimalistic design with a 'nautical' touch to it. For the base of the design a standard industrial enclosure was incorporated with a special design front parts giving the machine an own look at an affordable price. Plastic parts were produced in silicone moulds for cost effective use of plastic parts. The design is minimalistic, besides the touch screen there is only one button on the front – the safety stop button.

Project involvement:

Product design and project management.

Company profile:

Arcam provides a unique Additive Manufacturing technology for production of fully dense metal parts. This technology builds parts layer-by-layer from metal powder using a powerful electron beam.

200208-Arcam-2002-02 200208-Arcam-2002-03

Tags: Industrial Products

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