Caretia AB


The project involved development and design of the websites for three companies AB Caretia, Scanova and JTAB AB.


The client required a base for 3 different web sites with own identities, but all should still have a similar look to show that they part of a corporation. 'r products created 3 sites based on the same 'template' and used different colour profiles for separate identities. In a later stage the client decided they only needed one site and required the 3 sites to be merges into one site. In this site one could again distinguish the different parts of the companies by giving the menus items separate colours per sub-company.


Caretia's mission is to service heavy vehicles with associated peripheral operation. Their vision is to become the leading company in terms of quality, service and price in the various services and products that Caretia offers.

Tags: Web Design

'r rpoducts