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SCA Hygiene Products


Design and develop a daily packaging for 3-4 Tena Lady Ultra Mini Pads. The design of the packaging should be discreet and should not be too obvious what is inside it due to the sensitive subject of incontinence.


From the presented concepts the 'cigar box' design was chosen to further develop. Unique with this design is that it is made with a split line in the middle of the product making it possible to make the bottom part out of one asymmetrical tool. The parts are snapped together with miniature click fingers. To prevent that the pads slipping out of the holder special ribs were incorporated on the inside of the design.

Project involvement:

Design and project management.

Company profile:

SCA is one of the world’s largest players in personal care products and the global market leader in incontinence care products - Tena.

Tags: Medical Products

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