Syringe Holder

Syringe Holder


Develop a concept for a holder for syringes to 'free a hand' for the user of the syringe.


The syringe packaging is often used to empty fluid into it while using the syringe. When using a (large) syringe one needs both hands to handle it and therefore requires an 'extra hand' to hold the syringe holder. The solution needed to be cheap, small and easy to transport as the product is often used in the home environment of the patient. the solution is a conceptual design and mock-up of a syringe holder made out of a flat piece of plastic which can be folded into a holder for a syringe. The flat holders can be packaged together with the syringe holders in their packaging box using minimum extra space. 

Project involvement:

Product design, rendering, prototyping.

Tags: Medical Products

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