The Serv'r

The Serv'r


Development of a product fitting in the 'r products design series to transport objects, e.g glasses and/or bottles of wine.


The Serv'r - a serving tray made of stainless steel combined with a colourful plastic top and bottom part. Thanks to the non-slip plastic surface of The Serv'r, objects placed on it will not slip about when being carried. The base of the tray is also made from non-slip plastic which ensures a good grip when handled, and at the same time prevents scratching to the furniture. The Serv'r has enough room on it to place one bottle and 6 glasses on it.

Project involvement:

Design, CAD construction, project management, product sourcing, prototyping.

Company profile:

'r products is a design-oriented company focused on creating accessories for wine. The company is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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