The Kool'r

The Kool'r


Development of a thermoelectric wine cooler which differiates itself from the 'standard / cheap' mini wine coolers on the market.


The Kool'r - a cooler for 6 bottles of wine. Idea behind The Kool'r is a luxury small wine cooler to keep ones daily / weekly wine chilled to the correct serving temperatures. The cooler is a want to have gadget which the end user wants to 'show off' in their kitchen or living room.

The Kool'r never reached production as the initial investment for the first series was to expensive to finance without having a purchasing order.

A prototype was created which was presented at the headquarters of the LVMH Group in Paris. The brand managers of Moët & Chandon were interested to use The Kool'r as a premium give away for their best champagne. Unfortunately this cooler did not fit in with the rest of their design program and the cooler has not been taken into production yet.

Project involvement:

Design, CAD construction, project management, product sourcing.

Company profile:

'r products is a design-oriented company focused on creating accessories for wine. The company is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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