Teamster AB

Teamster AB


Develop and (re-)design a servo driven dosing system and docking station. The new design should not only perform better then its predecessor (T2000), it should be easy to handle and it should look better.


Together with a team of mechanical engineers an aluminium extruded profile was developed which is both functional and visual pleasing. The profile forms the base of the product and also contributes to the stiffness of the dosing system. The handles were created to make the product easy to handle by one person. The dosing system was drastically slimmed into a long thin pillar on which the doser snugly rests. Our team was able to fulfill Teamsters wish: "make it the 'Mercedes' of dosing system for bonding technology used on both static systems and robot applications".

Project involvement:

Product design and project management.

Company profile:

Teamster's core business is automation of production equipment, and Bondtech, the world leader in sealing and adhesive systems.


Tags: Industrial Products

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